The concept for this blog, like so many other things in my life, is a process of discovery. It feels similar to being presented with a brand new baby whose future remains a mystery. My job is to nurture and help this child grow, without defining who she is meant to be.

Labels and definitions will not work here, because being open really means being willing to learn something new, see something differently, let go of a closed way of perception that has been outgrown.

There is no formula.

But there is beauty in knowing each of our paths is meant to be unique, even as we are. Our differences are not meant to bring separation, but instead, are meant to provoke growth, helping to push us beyond where we have been, what we have believed, to something deeper and wider.

You see, it doesn’t matter to me how you have defined yourself before… or even more, how other people or this society have attempted to define you. Oppression comes in many forms and can keep us from our God-given potential, until… until we understand it is okay to break free and be true to ourselves. In fact, once the process of becoming has started, there is not much that can stop it. Freedom rings and its sound compels its hearer to risk all to move forward.

Those who have experienced severe forms of oppression are often those who refuse to let it beat them, instead using it as a means to help others find their way to freedom. People who are ground breakers, ceiling crashers, pave the way for the rest of us. I want to introduce you to some of those people here. The openings in their lives, the epiphanies they have experienced, help all of us grow.

This place will also give me an opportunity to share my random thoughts and personal openings. I have not arrived. I am merely open to listening, learning, and receiving. This new baby is squirming in my arms, hungry, needing to be fed. I am ready and willing to do that, to merely be her instrument.

With great joy I share this new baby with you, hoping she will give you a new sense of hope in your own heart.

Your are welcome here, anytime. I hope you come back often.

Below is a way to send me feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. Your stories are welcome. Your prayer requests are welcome.

3 comments on “About

  1. Lovely and thoughtful About –

    • AnnMarie, I appreciate your kind comment. This baby continues to grow, in unexpected ways!

      • You’re most certainly welcome –
        From time to time, I go and change my ‘About’ a bit – tweak it here and there – sometimes I think it’s too long then I visit other bloggers whose ‘Abouts’ are quite extensive. Then there are the short, bright ‘Abouts’ which are equally as interesting. I’m so very amazed by the depth of talent out there and the people willing to share…

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