Why is it that tragedy can lead some people closer to believing in God, deepening their faith, while it may cause others to completely forsake any belief in a higher power?

Personally, I have found tragedy, struggle, and failure always draw me deeper, exposing a raw need I have within to find solace and safety through a being I believe much larger than myself, yet also abiding within me.

Have I prayed prayers that have gone unanswered, at least the way I prayed them?

Yes. So many times.

“I have not lost faith in God. I have moments of anger and protest. Sometimes I’ve been closer to him for that reason.” — Elie Wiesel

Have I been angry with God? Absolutely. And unlike many who feel out of respect they must mask that anger or frustration, I don’t. It all comes out, and it isn’t nice the way I say it, and just in the venting there is a sense of acceptance, an understanding of love towards me and for me that helps me move ahead.

These photos speak to that place of finding my redirection through faith, a girl’s faith that believes in the power of prayer and community and most importantly, love and acceptance, of myself and others.

Walls and doors and windows can keep you from entering.

Or they can also protect you within.

That’s how I see faith, my shelter during the storm as well as my shade when the sun is high.

How do you see God (or not) in the light of your life experience? Please feel free to share your thoughts. All views and ideas are welcome here.








On my post for June 16th, 2014,  I introduced a red balloon, my inspiration for a series of photos I will be sharing over the next couple weeks. I hope you will follow along as it leads me to share words and stories each day, with what I consider some of my best photography to date. Thank you, as always, for being here… with love.


Just two little girls, in the backyard, playing with a steel tub and some water from the garden hose.

“I’ll fill it up.”

“No, let me get in first. Then let the water run over me.”

“Are you sure?”

I knew my sister pretty well. We were only a year apart in age and I was the older one. She didn’t like getting water in her face, not even in the bathtub.

Next thing I knew, she was already squeezing her nine year old body into the tub.

I went and turned the hose on. It was a really hot day in New Hampshire, sticky and uncomfortable. I touched the water as it poured out onto my hand. Warm at first, but then cold, just like the ocean waters I was already learning to dive quickly into when we visited the beach.

My sister usually entered the cold ocean water slowly, shivering as she went.

“Come on, what are you waiting for? I’m hot!”

I knew she would probably scream, but she was asking me for it, after all. This sounded like way too much fun.

I brought the hose with the water  towards her, laughing to myself, giving her one last warning.

“Are you sure? The water is cold.”

“Stop asking me!”

And just like that I put the hose about a foot above her head.

She surprised me. She didn’t scream. She did catch her breath for a moment and push the flowing water and her hair out of her face. I pulled the hose back.

“No, keep doing it. It feels so good!”

A few minutes later it was my turn. It was an even tighter squeeze for me, but I managed, my kness pushed tight up against my chest.

I closed my eyes. I heard the water running out of the hose as my sister got ready to baptize me. I tilted my head back just as she placed it over my head.

The tingling started on my face and went down my back.

I smiled as I felt the splashing on my forehead.

“My turn again!”

We kept taking turns, baptizing each other, over and over, until it was time for dinner.


A Red Balloon

a red balloon came to me in a dream

descending slowly from the sky

its red ribbon teasing me

the closer and closer it came

and I reached, standing on tiptoes

almost having it in my hand…

and suddenly

I woke up.


Today, wide awake, I caught the ribbon – I purchased a red balloon. For the next few days I will follow the red balloon… wherever it may lead.