I discovered this painting in the small chapel of my church back in June.

Last Sunday I invited my son-in-law, Brad, in to see it with me. He and Dale, my son, are making an unexpected move from where they thought they would be for the next couple years -New York City- to Sewanee, Tennesee in January.

And I, having dreams of moving, know that 2015 holds more substantial change, most likely a physical move from the dwelling I have called home for 13 years.

Both of us stood looking at the picture.

Brad mentioned Mary, bending over her newborn son.

I mentioned the star- pointing to it, emphasizing the long tail, the position of it over the baby.

In our common places of uncertainty, we both continued to look at the stable.

A shelter for animals.

The birthplace for God’s son.

And a word that also means “firmly established.”


You knelt
beside me.

I felt your

I am just
a babe.

And you,
are my


Under Construction

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates life.”  – Oscar Wilde

A Reflection between art and life.

Which is why, as I observe real life construction going on around my home, I see the reflection.

I see me, my life, in the big excavator, the holes, the pipes, the torn up and rough road.

I see orange, one of my favorite colors, beckoning me closer to the edge yet cautioning me to look before I step (or maybe leap!)

But I also see, coming soon, the new drains, the better potential for run-off, and the eventual smooth roads, newly repaved after the work is finished.

It’s not often I get to see such equipment up-close and personal.