Your love is like liquid fertilizer-  spilling down into the roots of my heart, extending them deeper into the soil of my soul, causing new nutrients of hope to pulse back up through my branches, pushing forth verdant new shoots.

The spring green leaves that adorn me are signs.



The Thirty-Second Day. A Favorite Stream. Leaves.

After catching the sunrise yesterday, I made my way to one of my favorite steams in the area, wearing my favorite polka dot galoshes, which can cause me to be a bit unsteady when traversing the rocks.

No falls this time, thankfully, though when I came back home I had a visible wet spot on my butt from sitting on the damp rocks. My Mom pointed it out to me and my response was “sometimes as an adventurer you have to get a little wet and dirty.”

I was particularly drawn to photographing the leaves lying just under the water’s surface.

They looked so beautiful underneath their layer of stream water, perfectly preserved there in stillness, waiting patiently for the water to rise after the next rain,  carrying them away.