Why is it that tragedy can lead some people closer to believing in God, deepening their faith, while it may cause others to completely forsake any belief in a higher power?

Personally, I have found tragedy, struggle, and failure always draw me deeper, exposing a raw need I have within to find solace and safety through a being I believe much larger than myself, yet also abiding within me.

Have I prayed prayers that have gone unanswered, at least the way I prayed them?

Yes. So many times.

“I have not lost faith in God. I have moments of anger and protest. Sometimes I’ve been closer to him for that reason.” — Elie Wiesel

Have I been angry with God? Absolutely. And unlike many who feel out of respect they must mask that anger or frustration, I don’t. It all comes out, and it isn’t nice the way I say it, and just in the venting there is a sense of acceptance, an understanding of love towards me and for me that helps me move ahead.

These photos speak to that place of finding my redirection through faith, a girl’s faith that believes in the power of prayer and community and most importantly, love and acceptance, of myself and others.

Walls and doors and windows can keep you from entering.

Or they can also protect you within.

That’s how I see faith, my shelter during the storm as well as my shade when the sun is high.

How do you see God (or not) in the light of your life experience? Please feel free to share your thoughts. All views and ideas are welcome here.







4 comments on “Faith

  1. For the past three years or so I have never had a migraine free moment. This has provided me with a lot of time to lay in the dark and quiet and think about things. Fortunately, I discovered the Buddhist practice of Tonglen (loving kindness meditation) and it has changed my relationship with suffering. My belief in God never faltered. Many times I was ready to shed this life, but I could not inflict that pain on my husband and family. In the last six months my migraines have responded to acupuncture and a new medication and I can now imagine a day without pain. One of the beautiful things that I have learned about prayer and meditation on this journey is the knowledge that at this moment, people of faith all around the world are praying for me, too. And that has made a difference.

    • Jeanette,
      Thank you for sharing your story of faith through so much pain here with me. I apologize I did not see this and respond sooner. So glad to hear you have the possibility of pain free days ahead. How are you doing? Is the new medication and acupuncture working as you had hoped? I agree with you about the beauty of knowing people are praying for you- what a difference it makes to feel the power of prayer sustaining you. I am so thankful to meet you, appreciate your openness to share your personal struggle, and look forward to visiting your blog often to check in. You are in my prayers. With love, Danese.

      • Hello again Danese, I found a most lovely meditation on forgiveness today that I want to share with you. I heard it on an audiobook by Jack Kornfield called The Beginners Guide to Forgiveness. I have been working on letting go of my anger because it only increases my migraine pain. This book closes with a beautiful meditation that walked me through the process of asking for forgiveness from others, forgiving myself, and working on forgiving people who have (knowingly and unknowingly) harmed me. The closing lines of the meditation are “Rest gently in the breath at the heart. Let yourself feel the relief, the natural blessing, the tenderness when forgiveness is possible.” Thank you for your prayers and for sharing your journey, too.

      • Thank you Jeanette. I love that statement you shared, and have written it in my journal. I will check out Jack Kornfield’s book. It has become apparent since I wrote the “Hollow” poem a couple weeks ago that the wolf represents shame, an immense amount I carried, not just my own but for a couple other key people in my life. Forgiving myself took a long time, sadly, even when I was the victim. I am so thankful that wolf is dead.
        I hope for your continued self enlightenment and healing- and no more pain.
        Your kind words here have truly blessed me. Thank you. Hugs!!
        Let’s stay in touch please.

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