Dale and Brad’s Wedding

A few days before the wedding scheduled for May 21st, I received a call early in the morning from Dale.

“Mom, are you working today?”

“This morning I am, but only until noon. What do you need?”

“Brad and I are going to Phillipsburg this afternoon to get our marriage license, and we need a witness. Would you be able to be our witness Mom?”

The joy, the absolute joy, that I was being given such a privilege.

“What time do you need me to be in Easton to ride over with you to Phillipsburg?”

At the courthouse the three of us stood together, giving information to the clerk. This moment had come. Finally. Driving across the state line from Pennsylvania to New Jersey was a minor inconvenience to fulfill a dream that at one time seemed impossible.

Originally the plan was to have the judge at the courthouse perform the ceremony, but the day Dale and Brad wanted to marry  was already booked. As it turned out, the ceremony was held in a lovely park not far away, a much prettier place to celebrate the love and commitment of two amazing and special people.

Thank you to Paul Strikwerda, for officiating so beautifully.

Photography by our dear friend Alex Gergar. http://alexandrawhitney.com/

The happiness is visible on Dale and Brad’s faces.

Congratulations, with so much love!

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed29

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed60

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed89

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed103

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed108

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed136

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed139    Brad and Dale

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed141The Zuercher Family

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed173The Grandfield Family

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed216

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed229bw

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed234bw

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed238bw

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed257bw

5.21.14 Dale + Brad Wed342


3 comments on “Dale and Brad’s Wedding

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Danese. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to say that I married your son!

  2. Cteavin says:

    Those are lovely photos for one of the most important days of a couples life.

    Thanks for sharing with us all.


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