Mother’s Day

I saw the card, addressed simply: “Mother,” but when I picked it up the bright green cover of the book underneath caught my eye. I opened the card first, brought the book into my lap, and for a moment I stared at the front cover.

“The Giving Tree.”
By Shel Silverstein.
Celebrating 50 years.

I didn’t get past the inscription from my daughter Rebekah before the tears began to flow. And by the time I read the last words of the book, I was sobbing.

Just a few days ago I spent time in a favorite forest, taking photos of several large trees which had been blown over in a recent storm.



The tree gave and gave and gave. Because of love. All for love.



I believe it was during my pregnancy with Rebekah (she is my fifth of six children) when someone asked me a rather insensitive question.

“How is it possible to love so many children at once?”

My secret was simple. Each one enlarged my heart further, causing the roots of love within to grow deeper and stronger. Each one made me more.

The love from my children to me and back to them is an endless loop that radiates in us, to us, through us, and beyond.


These are my six awesome kids!


Rebekah, Amber, Dale, Lisa-Noel, Josiah, and front and center, having a little too much fun the night of his 21st birthday, Chadwick.

And almost a year ago love arrived in the form of this little angel, my first granddaughter, Harper.

1970549_10152014494048339_1548880225_n photo taken by my daughter Amber Moralis

 Happy Mother’s Day to all you “Giving Trees”… with love!




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