“I smell the burning”





5 comments on “Fire

  1. Vickie says:

    I think I do get these images and the messages they contain. Simple on one level, more complex if one chooses to go deeper into the image. Thanks for posting

  2. A beautiful process – capturing an image, finding its meaning when one finally presents itself – you know the process well. Your marriage of image and words is thoughtfully provoking…beautiful
    Thank you for sharing…

    • Thank you AnnMarie. This process, for me, is a creative adventure that I truly love. I’m so glad you visited. Blessings!

      • You’re most certainly welcome. Creative adventures are fabulous things. I love whenever I immerse myself in my art – the rest of whatever is around me kind of melts away in that moment (until one of my darn dogs bark at a squirrel, or the kids need something… 😉 )
        Have a wonderful creative Tuesday

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