Adrian On Edge

Words I wrote a couple years ago:

An edge represents change.
Land becoming water,
darkness becoming light.
It is a place of surrender
and reconciliation
where courage must rise
up from within,
enabling us to step
forward, even if we
because falling is the
first part of
real change.

While taking a walk a few days ago I stopped at this little bridge overlooking this stream. The way the water had created the circular opening in the snow fascinated me.

I knew I would return to take some photos.

When I went to my bedroom to grab my camera, there he sat, my favorite bear. Suddenly an idea for a first photo appeared in my mind- Adrian positioned on the edge, looking down upon the stream.

He and I hadn’t done a winter photo shoot yet. This was a perfect opportunity.

When I have Adrian along, something magical happens in my heart and through the lens of my camera. I shot all these photos within a few feet of each other. Adrian enables me to see photo opportunities I would normally miss.

He isn’t afraid of edges, or the change they represent.

I’m so glad I have him to learn from.








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