Colorful Candy + Snow

This past week a community I belong to on Google+ called Women in Photography had as its weekly photo theme “colorful.”

So I had this grand idea. To take a bunch of colorful paints and go out and paint the snow, then take a colorful photo to submit. Brilliant, right?

So out I went with this colorful array of paint on this colorful paper plate, brush in hand, ready to create a snow masterpiece.

DSC_8923Except there was one major problem. The snow did not have a crust on it, but was, instead, soft and powdery. As I put the brush filled with paint onto the snow it simply absorbed it.

I came into the house laughing. My daughter, Lisa-Noel, looked at me, wondering what is that crazy Mom of mine up to now?

In between my giggling I told her,

“Well, my attempt at painting on the snow was an epic fail!”

All she could do was laugh with me.

But I was not ready to admit defeat, going into the kitchen, looking around, hoping to find some colorful inspiration to transport outside for my photo.

That’s when these candies caught my eye. And the rest, is now photographic history! Mine, at least.



Just after I shot these photos, Lily, my golden retriever, who kept coming close to sniff the candies, darted to meet someone pulling into the driveway, knocking all the candies into the snow. I took another photo. I liked it- thank you Lily!

DSC_8932My daughter and I both agreed when I showed her the photos- the glistening snow as a backdrop gave a magical quality to these pictures.

I do believe in magic… winter snow magic… don’t you?


2 comments on “Colorful Candy + Snow

  1. Matt George says:

    Great idea and the snow makes for a perfect background.

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