Drop Forge

Drop forging is a process by which steel is super-heated, deformed, hammered, and reformed.

The result: A tool that is stronger and more durable-

A chain, a hook, that can hold many times its own weight.


Drop Forged

The beads of sweat
on my brow
are silver
dripping as
I melt now
becoming a puddle
from the solid
person I once
I was.

I am formless and void

The ram it
looms above
and I
in stasis
super-heated liquid
await its shape
the die overhead
my new molds
absorbing completely
my loose
and flowing

I fill every space

pressed and hammered
temporarily confined
only until  I
cool, removed
from the mold
in the shape I
choose, the one I
is true

I am

more durable

a tool
that can hold
many times
its own weight
but is content, now
to simply hold
its own.


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