Merry Christmas!

I flew back from Florida on Sunday, December 22nd.

My favorite bear, Adrian, made the trip with me. I think he enjoyed the Florida sunshine as much as me.

The day I took these photos it was over eighty degrees, and I was sweating by the end of our photo adventure.

Someone asked me, “Do you look forward to going home?”

I replied,

“Yes, yes I do. I love Christmas, and look forward to spending it with my family.”

Florida is lovely. I went to boot camp there, attended Navy photo school there, birthed five of my six children there.

But Pennsylvania is home, and even with the colder weather here in the northeast, I am extremely happy to be here to celebrate Christmas.

Though I certainly do look forward to more trips to Florida in the future!



As Adrian and I walked through the neighborhood we noticed the wind had knocked over both Santa and the Grinch.



Adrian and I enjoyed our walk, immensely. I had an adorable little boy on a tricycle tell me he liked my bear.







Back here at home in Pennsylvania, enjoying Christmas day.


Some delightful snowman cookies my daughter Lisa-Noel decorated last night while I was at church for the midnight service. Aren’t they beautiful?


If you didn’t get the chance to check out Lily’s Christmas book when I posted the link a couple weeks ago, here it is again. The actual hard copies of the book arrived while I was in Florida. One is a present for my granddaughter Harper.

My Mom and I sat and paged through our other copy last night, laughing as we read.


Having Harper around to celebrate Christmas early (she and her family are now living a couple hours south in Maryland) made this Christmas season extra special


Merry Christmas, with lots and lots of LOVE!!!


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