Finding Room

Finding room.

Making room.

Giving yourself room.


She is heavy with child, riding a donkey, with no place to go.
The baby is coming, must come. Its pressure within her signals there can be no more waiting.
Inquiries are made.
No room.
No room.
No room.
She weeps, looking to heaven, gently rubbing her belly.
The journey has been so long.

An offering appears.
A stable. A barn. A place for animals to rest.
An unexpected opening.
The pains increase. She cries. She screams. She is not prepared. It is harder than she ever imagined.
The baby descends,
From heaven
to womb
to earth.

As his head crowns, he breaks her wide open.
He emerges.
She rests.
His first cry startles the animals.
She lifts him to her chest, cradling him.
She sees his face.
She smiles. It is love at first sight.

In that moment the stable becomes a room with no walls where she can see the heavens and the earth drawn together in their infinite beauty and grace.

Now she sees.
There is plenty of room.
So much room.
Within her heart.

An early Christmas present...the best kind.

An early Christmas present…the best kind.


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