A Tale of Two Trees

After returning from the tree farm on Saturday, my girls set to work decorating Evangeline.

True to our tradition, we put on some Dean Martin Christmas music. I put the lights on first (that seems to be my only job now).

The American girl dolls, dressed in their holiday finery, watched quietly from a nearby chair.

I decided we needed a “spot of tea,” which was really an excuse to use my Christmas dishes. My girls kept laughing at me, but quite enjoyed when I handed them their cup and saucer filled with gingerbread spice holiday tea.

The tea was delicious, especially with cream and sugar.





I took this shot of Evangeline in all her glory this morning, as the snow was rapidly descending outside the front window. She is a true beauty to behold.


But Evangeline is not the only tree in our home. This is a tale of two trees, after all…

Our second tree is flashy, maybe even a bit gaudy.

And she doesn’t actually have a name, except we call her “The Disco Tree.”

She sits in our family room, against the wild orange wall, making us smile with her silvery branches and brightly colored decorations.

Where Evangeline is refined and tasteful, The Disco Tree is crazy and colorful.

In my home I need both.


My favorite Dean Martin Christmas song.


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