Finding A Christmas Tree

Let the day take you
like a partner
on a dance floor
who spins you
out and back.

The Forty Day Photo pilgrimage changed me. It helped me to make peace with the past, engage more fully with the present, while looking hopefully to the future.

I see.

Part of that seeing means just this…

Awaking every morning and dancing.

Yes, that’s right. While still in my pajamas, with my slippers on, I put my headphones in and I…


I highly recommend it.

Yesterday my husband Terry, my daughters’ Rebekah and Lisa-Noel, as well as my doggy daughter, Lily, and I went to pick out our Christmas tree. It was breezy and bitter, the winter wind catching our faces as we trudged through the lines of trees looking for the perfect one.

The job of choosing the tree now belongs to my girls. They have chosen our trees the last three years and always do an admirable job. They have even added a nice new tradition to the process- naming the tree each year. This year’s tree has the eloquent name of Evangeline.

Evangeline is a blue spruce beauty, a tall, full figured lady that we also had to buy red and white striped ribbon to decorate. My girls insisted she needed to be decked out in red and white, being the festive lady she is.

Our trip was fun as you can see by the photos. Lily had a blast!













Tomorrow I will share Evangeline in all her decorated glory.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

And don’t forget to… dance! 🙂


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