The Fortieth Day. My Picture. With Paint. With Words.

The instinct to survive is strongly built within us. It takes shape in unusual ways.
Sometimes it means retreating, creating a dark interior space to hide.
I had to do that. I needed to do that, just until I knew it was safe.
It’s safe now.
I’m walking out, walking through.
Through the passageway I created with my own hands, my own heart.
What I learned in the dark I will now share in the light, freely, with love.

This picture I painted over the past three days. The representations are obvious.
The exit is clearly marked.
I invite you to follow me through.



3 comments on “The Fortieth Day. My Picture. With Paint. With Words.

  1. Brenda says:

    I like your bio, and your post is very inspiring. It’s amazing how many women feel stifled and voiceless or even invisible in our society. I’m glad you have found your voice. Thanks also for following friendlyfairytales. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Warmly, Brenda

    • Thank you, Brenda! I appreciate your encouragement, greatly. I have been finding different aspects of my voice and retrieving lost parts of myself for several years. It has been a difficult but joyous journey connecting with my truest self. I look forward to following your blog also, and hope we can get to know each other better in the future.

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