The Thirty-Eighth Day. Graveyard Dance.

For Adrian

Today I danced in a graveyard
wearing a red coat
hearing the applause of
my heart as I
twirled and jumped
trying not to disturb
anyone but me.

The silence remained.
Outside, but not inside
where the music
grew loud and it opened
the windows so wide in my
soul I thought I would
burst visibly.

I did, actually.

And out it came
the last piece
the one I held onto
even though the stream was dry,
had been all those long
years I kept going back
trying to quench my thirst.

There was no water. There never was.

The stones remain, a memorial
to what was lost
and finally found
scrubbed clean and polished
planted deeply in the ground
forever etched with joy,
inscribed with peace.







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