The Thirty-Seventh Day. Bethlehem. Christkindlmarkt.

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Especially in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, The Christmas City, for many good reasons.

Yesterday our family made a visit to Christkindlmarkt, a very special seasonal market Bethlehem hosts each year at Christmas.

Styled after the original markets in Germany, it is full of artisans and their crafts for sale.

Our family’s favorite shop there is Kathe Wohlfahrt, a German company that crafts and sells traditional Christmas ornaments and decorations.

It is a magical place that I can easily get lost in, marveling at the beauty of their work. Their heart ornaments held special appeal for my eye this year, as you can see below.








The true reason for our visit yesterday was to take a certain little lady to see Santa for the first time. I will post the actual photos for Advent next week, but it was wonderful that Uncle Dale met us to be part the experience. The photos below are of Harper showing Dale how pretty she looks in the outfit he bought for her, with proud Mommy Amber looking on. The pics are a bit fuzzy and grainy as I kicked the ISO way up to use available light, but Harper is so darn cute, well, it works!




Today marks the end of the church year. Next Sunday advent begins.

Advent holds a unique place in my heart. Several years back I wrote a little book I called Advent Reflections, had 50 copies printed, and gave them out to family and friends. It was a beginning.

Advent is all about beginnings. And light.

DSC_7959I have my pass ready for my next visit to Christkindlmarkt. Planning to visit there several more times during the season.



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