The Thirtieth Day. Mist. And Fog.

I planned to take pictures of a sunrise today, my last thought before falling asleep.  But today was not about capturing a sunrise. Instead, it was about seeing the beauty in the mist and fog that was blanketing our area early this morning.

The sunrise happened. It always does. The mist and the fog were simply hiding it.

But not for long.

As I type this, I can see the rays of sun beginning to shine through, pushing back the grey.

But I didn’t mind the mist, or the fog. They paint the world in muted colors I find to be both comforting and inspiring.

A mere preparation to embrace the warmth of the sun when it finally peeks through.








I am now three quarters of the way through my pilgrimage, extremely close to the home stretch. I suspect this last part will surprise me… and maybe you.

I hope you will continue to travel with me. I have truly appreciated your companionship.


2 comments on “The Thirtieth Day. Mist. And Fog.

  1. Cool scenic photographs!

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