The Twenty-Seventh Day. N.C. Wyeth. Father.

An artistic father.

Painter, Illustrator, Master of Light.

Teacher of his five children.

Driven, Moody, Passionate. Sometimes Overwhelming.

“Wyeth was made susceptible to the land in part by his father, who in his art instruction implanted the idea that humble objects- including things underfoot- could be made eloquent.”-Richard Merryman

“He’d (N.C.Wyeth) get started talking and would intoxicate himself along with the rest of us students. He taught us in painting to equate ourselves with the object to the point that we became the object itself. Andy does this. He makes people out of things and that person is also himself, and vice versa. It’s a curious, mysterious, wonderful thing.”- Peter Hurd, a former student of N.C. Wyeth

The family home and art studio.

The place where three artists, a concert pianist, and a mechanical engineer were born, nurtured, and taught to believe.

 The quaint and warm home.










The path from the home to the art studio.


The incredible art studio, situated to receive northern light.






Treasure Island by N.C. Wyeth, one of many paintings he did to illustrate books.



3 comments on “The Twenty-Seventh Day. N.C. Wyeth. Father.

  1. Robin Tolbert says:

    The painting on N C’s easel, was the painting he was working on the day he died. ( the car was hit by a train, killing him and his grandson). The Wyeth Compound is one of my favorite places….

    • Maybe the next time you and Larry come in to visit we could go together Robin! As I’m sure you saw by my next post (Day 29) I did know about N.C.’s death. The lady who gave us the tour was really knowledgable. I look forward to returning again.

  2. bayzi62 says:

    that art studio looks amazingggg good job of showing it to us mate

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