The Twenty-Fifth Day. Andrew Wyeth.


During a  recent visit to our local library, an oversized book caught my eye on the top of a shelf. I knew the name of the artist, Andrew Wyeth, having recalled seeing his painting Christina’s World during a visit to MOMA in NYC a few years ago.

I decided to lug the huge book over to the check out desk and bring it home with me.

I’m so glad I did.

One night recently when my daughter and I were both having trouble sleeping, I invited her over to my bed and read aloud some of my favorite parts of the artist’s story while we looked at each of Wyeth’s paintings represented in the book. Adrian joined us, as did our doggie Lily, who snuggled between our feet at the foot of the bed.

We both slept very well after that.

I have fallen in love with Wyeth’s work. Fortunately I happen to live about an hour and a half away from where he grew up and spent most of his life painting. I took a trip yesterday to the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford Township to see a whole gallery of Wyeth’s paintings.

The museum is situated on the Brandywine River. On the second and third floors there are massive banks of windows overlooking the river. What a great view, and a cool place to take a photo that just happened to also catch my reflection.


Tomorrow I will share more details about my visit, which also included a bus tour to Wyeth’s family home  and N.C. Wyeth’s amazing art studio (Andrew’s father).

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth


“I think One’s art goes as far as One’s love goes. I see no reason for painting but that. If I have anything to offer, it is my emotional contact with the place where I live and the people I do.” – Andrew Wyeth


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