The Nineteenth Day. Raking Leaves.

Today I raked leaves. A simple, repetitive task.

IMG_6638Made it halfway up the road.

IMG_6640Filled up many bags.


Tried to get Lily to look at the camera, but she refused.


Looked at our side yard and groaned.

IMG_6641Will rake again tomorrow.

Raking Leaves

by Steven Federle

Look to the tallest tree
and see how the noon-day sun
glints through slender grey limbs
to where leafless Life contracts
to its tender core
(this year’s ring
and waits for winter’s storms.

Leaves lie,
golden harvest, luxuriant carpet
to kick and scatter like
brittle snow…
… years ago
playing through long autumn days,
we built castles and smashed them,
diving deep into fragrant mounds
as the incense of burn piles
filled the chilled air of November.

Today I just rake,
scraping turf
making smaller heaps to haul
into my big green recycle bin

and see how golden autumn light
softly glows in gleaming grass,
free at last
from the detritus
of summer.


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