The Fifteenth Day. Grace.

DSC_6421“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;”

Isaiah 49:16

Today I sat,

looking again and again,

at my hands, the palms upturned

open, ready

to receive the final etching which

makes you forever a part of me.

But you were already engraved there.

Even so it is necessary

and  it is love

that I hand you a nail and a hammer

as I lay my hand out

open, waiting

for the first strike

to pierce my skin.

The point of the nail

breaks through and

I falter, want to

pull my hand back,

avoid the excruciating pain.

I pray.

I keep my hand open

even as it shakes

but love holds it steady

even as fear grips

my resolve.


It’s done.



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