The Fourteenth Day. Adrian. Again.

I bought my bear many years ago during a trip I took with my Sistie to Gettysburg. On route we stopped at Boyd’s Bear Country, which I just learned, sadly, closed in 2011. That is where I found and purchased my bear.

Since then he has sat on my bed with his back to the pillows, or been tossed to the floor beside my bed while I was sleeping.

Valley Forge was his first trip, ever.

As I began my hike with him I realized I had never given him a name. Sad but true. Sure, I could continue to call him “Teddy,” but that was now too generic, not appropriate for my friend. Shortly into our walk, as I was climbing the heavily wooded trail, the name came to me. When it did, it just felt right.

It was Adrian. It is Adrian. The name was there all along, I just hadn’t looked for it before. Giving him that name brought my heart a special sense of joy.

Later when I looked the meaning of the name up, I wasn’t surprised to see that those with this name are imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual.

When I took the self portraits in the rock on The Eleventh Day, I had no inkling I would return and take portraits of Adrian in the same spot the following day. Yet when I posted my series of Adrian photos yesterday, I didn’t include this one.

That is because it is supposed to stand alone as part of my journey today, as part of Adrian’s journey too. My imaginative, intuitive, spiritual bear.


Light and shadow and dark

woven together

parts of a whole

necessary catalysts

to see the way



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