The Thirteenth Day. Valley Forge. Adrian.

Just a little about my first day in Valley Forge…

It was an intensely raw day for me, a day when I could feel an emotional eruption building and just needed to get away from home for a few hours to walk and take photos. That is often my therapy, and it usually works.

When I returned from my three hour hike to my car and began to feel in my pants pocket for my car key, I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t there. I had started to feel better, but losing the key…it caused a sense of panic. I knew we only had one key for that car. I knew my husband would have to drive all the way from home to pick me up (a 45 minute drive). I knew it would be horribly expensive to have the key replaced, money we didn’t have.

I decided to retrace my steps to the place I recalled last feeling the bump of the key in my pocket, while waiting for Terry to come get me. As usual I had chosen to take the less traveled trails with lots of fall leaves. The odds were not good, but still I looked.

I didn’t find the key.

The next day we learned at the dealership that the car key we purchased required the car to be at a dealership to program, so a tow truck had to be called and the car and Terry went to Norristown, while I took another hike, exactly the same route, with my teddy bear, Adrian.

It was another beautiful day. Instead of looking for the key I accepted I wouldn’t find it, took Adrian under my arm, and enjoyed my third walk in Valley Forge park in two days.

And I had a good laugh over my expensive two day visit to the park.

Taking Adrian along was a brilliant idea. He was a quiet, cooperative and absolutely adorable subject.








This photo of Adrian and me is my favorite. I had a vision in my mind for a couple weeks about this shot, and decided to try doing it under the arches to the side of The Washington Memorial Chapel.

DSC_6402“Sleeping Surrender”


2 comments on “The Thirteenth Day. Valley Forge. Adrian.

  1. I love the teddy bear. Photographing the same object repeatedly in different settings can be an artistic gold mine, besides it is fun.

    • Ron, this was fun and a way to balance out that intense day before. When I knew I was returning to Vally Forge, the bear came to mind because I had taken him the previous day with me and had not used him in any photographs. My intuition told me to take the same hike with him. I’m glad I did.

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