The Twelth Day. Valley Forge. Openings.

An unexpected trip back to Valley Forge today.

The full and ridiculous story I will share with you tomorrow (just a preview… it had something to do with losing a car key during a three hour hike!!!).

But I believe nothing is coincidental so I returned with my camera and a willingness to see what I had missed the day before.

There is always something we miss, isn’t there?

I did take along a special companion today for my hike, who I will properly introduce you to tomorrow.

I love windows and arches, openings of any kind, and Valley Forge has many of them. I felt blessed to spend a second afternoon wondering and shooting.

Sometimes our mistakes turn into rare opportunities. To see. New openings.




This isn’t an opening… well, maybe it is…. a bowl has a wide opening, doesn’t it?


Here’s a hint about my final day of photos from Valley Forge, which I will post tomorrow. My companion was really cute, and no, I didn’t get too many weird looks while toting him around with me. In fact I had a kind gentleman offer to take this shot of the two of us together. Thank you kind gentleman!



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