The Tenth Day. Porcelain Roses. My Bunch.

A number of years ago on Mother’s Day each of my six children, one by one, descended our stairs to hand me one of these roses, along with a hug and kiss. They are actually real roses dipped in porcelain, rimmed with gold.

My husband purchased the roses. It was a gesture of love I will never forget.

Tears came to my eyes then. Three pink roses, three beige. Three girls, three boys.

Just like “The Brady Bunch,” only all biologically from the same parents.

My bunch. The most amazing group of people I have ever met. (Spoken like a true Mom!)

When I was considering what to photograph for this post, these roses came to mind. Except I wasn’t expecting to break down crying in the middle of the shoot.

As I explained to my daughters, that is what happens when you are middle aged, post menopausal, and less than two short years away from a completely empty nest.

So tears now and then are expected and okay. Even while taking pictures.






Around the same year as I received the roses, my daughter Amber arranged for photos to be taken of our bunch. I thought of these photos as I took the ones of my roses. These were taken at Christmas City Studios in 2007.

My three girls:

sc0c1fb2d0Rebekah, Lisa-Noel, and Amber

My three boys:

sc0c1fd19dJosiah, Dale, and Chad

It is difficult to get large inclusive family shots now, with everyone so busy and going in different directions, but this shot below was taken of our family at Amber and John’s wedding in May 2012, by our amazing wedding photographer, Alison Conklin. (

16108_10151165119043339_1837391876_nBrad (Dale’s partner), Dale, Josiah, Rebekah, Lisa-Noel, John, Amber, Chad, Me, Terry


2 comments on “The Tenth Day. Porcelain Roses. My Bunch.

  1. You have such a beautiful family!
    I have never seen roses like that before! What an amazing gift!

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