The Eleventh Day. Valley Forge. Self Portraits.

In order to know yourself, you must be willing to look…

It was a tough day, a hard day to look.

But I’m glad I did.










5 comments on “The Eleventh Day. Valley Forge. Self Portraits.

  1. Great series. I am glad you were brave enough! Sometime it is hard to take a close look. Wonderful job! That cave (?) is an interesting background.

    • Brave is the word, I suppose, or just crazy enough to look…like you I am finding these self portraits to be liberating. It wasn’t actually a cave, more like a little alcove in some rocks jutting out on the side of the path I took. It was an unexpected perfect photo op, and really fit with how I was feeling too.

  2. Danese, use a few more tags/categories. Try art, travel, people in addition to what you are using. I can only follow a small percentage of those who follow me because there are so many, but you are getting on the list because there is something here that is just a bit different from the pack.

    • Thank you for the tips Ron! I appreciate the help greatly, being new to this whole wordpress experience. Thank you, also, for following me and for encouraging me that what I am doing is different. I am simply following my heart with both the photos and words.
      So glad we met here! I admire your photography and look forward to following your work too.

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