The Ninth Day. Trick or Treat.

In our area trick-or-treat night is always the Friday before Halloween. That happened to be last night.

It was my granddaughter Harper’s first time dressing up. She made an adorable kitty cat, but didn’t find asking for candy very appealing. Daddy brought her home shortly after they got started walking around the neighborhood.

Kassidy, Harper’s friend, dressed as Cinderella, complete with light up glass slippers! At two years old she was happy to go walking around, even though it was chilly.

I spent the evening greeting our trick-or-treaters, giving out candy, and well… eating some candy too!

I also managed to take a couple photos of a pumpkin and one of my luminaries, as you can see below. Still life, Halloween style.









One comment on “The Ninth Day. Trick or Treat.

  1. What a cutie!! The Halloween bag and pumpkin are well done! Looks like a fun night!

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