The Fourth Day. Giggle.

“So what are you doing today for your blog?”

The first question my husband Terry asked me after he kindly handed me my cup of coffee.

I saw it,  just before he asked, in my mind. A vision that made me giggle from a really deep place.

I just had to follow it out.

After coffee I went on an hour long hilly walk with a dear friend. The view from the top was pretty awesome.


Shortly after my lovely walk, thinking I was doing my monthly Meals on Wheels delivery, I showed up at the church in Bethlehem where we typically meet around 10am, only to learn I was a week early. But the need to use the bathroom there held an unusual and unexpected surprise. What I saw at the sink in that bathroom made me giggle.

And no, I did not have my camera with me, so although it may have seemed silly to return to my car, grab my camera, and proceed back to the bathroom, I did it anyway. Little did I know it would begin a day of seeing myself in my photos, and each time I did, guess what?

I giggled.


On my way back home I stopped at Pier One Imports to look for a gift. I found that gift plus an adorable pair of earrings on clearance I couldn’t pass up…orange speckled heart ones, no less. Orange IS one of my favorite colors.

Those earrings inspired a photo session. Right here at my desk. About 35 shots later I had to share these.



Lots of giggles so far, and a new pair of earrings. But I lacked that last series of shots, the ones of my vision.

So around 4pm out I went. I knew exactly where to go.


How could I go wrong on a road called “October Glory?”

I made my way into the thicket of tall trees. Found a spot. Laid down, on my back. I could hear the crunch of the leaves underneath me.

My vision became real.

I giggled.

And when I looked up through that camera lens, I giggled more.




It wasn’t until I got into my car that I saw the tag-along on my head from lying in the leaves.

I giggled. And had to get out and take these last two photos.



Giggling is not overrated.

Giggling is not just for children.

My advice: If you find something, an idea, anything, that makes you giggle…

Go for it!!


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