The First Day. Allentown Art Museum.

Start in Allentown.


A recent visit after church to the Allentown Art Museum, photos taken, names written down. So many amazing artists.

I love the quiet of a museum, the focused lighting on each piece.

Modern Art. The sign is huge overhead, announcing the transition from old to new. The lights are brighter. The room feels less somber.

Smooth Stones. Lots of them.


The artist’s name is Mary Hilda Ruth Bauermeister.

River Pebbles on Fabric Covered Panel”


The edges are so smooth.

I see a woman closely examining the stones, their placement on the fabric. The silence is broken.

“I think I could do that.” Her boyfriend nods, smugly.

I want to ask her “Don’t you see? The gift? The smooth stones?”


Some wisdom from the artist:

“That’s life

you can’t get


without getting



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