Following My Heart

There, in a square brown box, tucked away in the corner of a drawer, I found my heart- my Raku heart, a gift given to me several years ago. I had forgotten all about it.

Raku is a type of japanese pottery.

“Each raku heart is formed by hand from raw clay. It is painted by hand, then fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000 degrees farenheit. Red hot, it is plucked from the oven and placed in a sand pit with mesquite shavings, igniting a blaze, making your handmade heart entirely unique.”

My heart was made by artist Jeremy Diller.

The word, raku, means enjoyment, comfort, ease.

Today I decided to follow my raku heart. It took me to a nearby stream.

To get to the stream I had to traverse these rocks. It seemed like a good place to first place my heart, there on the rough and ragged edges of these stones.


My goal was water, to place my heart in water. As I crouched down by the edge of the stream I felt the rough yet smooth surface of my heart. I placed it, first, partially submerged, and smiled.


But partially wet is not wet enough, not for me. Always ready to dive fully into even cold water, I put my heart into a deeper place, where the stream flowed gently over it. I marveled at its brilliance, the water magnifying its beauty.


A larger rock with leaves hanging on it caught my eye and I pulled my heart out, placing it there on that rock to dry. It dried very quickly.


I thought I was finished, but my heart, it tugged at me and I placed it back in the stream, altering its position, watching until I saw what it wanted me to see. Then I knew. Positioned just the right way, with its curved indentation against the flow of the stream, I watched the water flow through the opening and over the heart. The heart became a wide channel. I nodded with understanding.


I picked up my heart and headed home.


On a card that was in the box with my heart:

Blessed Heart

Blessed is the heart that looks to above

Blessed is the heart that knows his great love

Blessed is the heart that with faith makes the call

Blessed is the heart that with thanks, receives it all


2 comments on “Following My Heart

  1. dmwlewis says:

    I had no idea this was an art form. Pictures are very cool. Stream is calming I bet! Need one near me.

    • Streams are great places to unwind…the sound of the running water is incredibly soothing. Sorry you don’t have one close by, but it might be worth a road trip to find one, if it isn’t too far! Thanks for your kind comment.

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