Black and White Photography

I have recently become a member of a warm and welcoming group on Google+ called Women in Photography.

Each week we are presented with a theme. This past week it was #blackandwhitephotography.

It inspired me to update my photography page with a group of black and white photos.

I hope you will check it out! To do so simply click on the page listed as Photography above. 🙂

Black and white photography is very near and dear to my heart. The majority of my classes at Navy Photo School many years ago involved black and white film. I spent many memorable hours processing and printing black and white negatives and photos.

I shared a little about the serendipidity of my choice of photography when I signed up for the Navy back in 1978 on my home blog. You can read that story here,  if you’d like –

Photography is a passion, a creative outlet, and an opening through which I always find joy.

Looking ahead to the fall, I have a new idea for some posts I will be doing starting mid October… Forty days of photos and words. Some days I will offer my photos with the words of a favorite author or poet, other days I will feature the photos of a favorite photographer with my words. I am extrememly excited about this project, and hope you will join me on my adventure.

Could you please remember my husband and me in your positive thoughts and prayers? Terry is currently unemployed and we are both in need of jobs. I have been an at home Mom (no regrets!) who has done some part time photography jobs in recent years. Terry is a seasoned and exceptional camera repair technician who can fix just about anything… we both have resumes and applications out.

We believe things will turn around, and have lived long enough… raising six children, already seeing three through college on a shoestring budget ( yes, they have loans, and so do we!)… have our fourth halfway through college, another starting, one more in high school… to know we will make it work, somehow. A job, particularly for Terry, would definitely help.

As much as we do not want to leave the area, we are open to moving. That is our last resort, but if it is what we need to do to survive, we are willing.

God and our own positive attitudes has seen us through many financial tough places before. We are hopeful , but I also know it can’t hurt to let others know to pray.

Thank you, with love.


2 comments on “Black and White Photography

  1. richardhaas8 says:

    Love your writing style and your photos. I’ll be along for the ride.

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