God is like a Woman…


God is like a Woman…

There it was. A metaphor too good to ignore, especially being a woman. A paraphrasing by our priest, Father Andrew Gerns, regarding the story of the lost coin in Luke 15. Please check out his blog at http://andrewplus.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-joy-of-being-found.html.

I wrote these same words on my church bulletin, knowing my next post would begin with that thought.

I know there are many who would say this particular discourse in Luke 15  from Jesus is about the whole story he tells, and in a later post I may get to that. But for now, this is where I want to focus.

God is like a Woman…

Having been inundated over the years with the firm and seemingly singular idea that God is male- as in father, son- seeing God as female- as mother, daughter- seemed a stretch at first.

But for me, it represented a huge new opening.

That opening began with a story I read several years ago called “The Shack” by William P. Young. God appears to the main character of the story in the form of two women of color. One represents God as mother, the other God as Holy Spirit.  Jesus, the son, is still represented as male.

This isn’t about bashing the male attributes of God or the picture of God as father. A good daddy is an amazing blessing, and if you have had one you know what I mean.

But to make a baby it takes two parents, the melding of two human bodies, to produce new life. And even if that process of fertilization takes place in a laboratory, the essential elements- egg and sperm, must originate physically from a man and a woman. Both. Together. Combined.

So if our view of the divine has only been through a male dominated view and interpretation, it is grossly incomplete. It lacks life. Even worse, this one sided, patriarchal perspective fosters injustice. Injustice towards women and men and anyone whose gender identity does not line up with that narrow view.

God is not just a man. God is not just a woman. God is like both and yet neither. Which should serve to enlighten and broaden our concept and definition of gender.

God is like a Woman…

So what does that mean? How does seeing God in a feminine way change what I believe about God?

As a woman it means relating to God in a different and more balanced way. It means understanding God’s heart as I understand my own as mother and daughter.

It means seeing men who have feminine attributes or women who have male attributes as examples of God’s nature being an intertwining of both.

It means seeing the fierce and unconditional love I carry within my own heart for my kids as the same love God has for me.

That, alone, has been liberating.

No apologies, by the way, for capitalizing the W of Woman! It seemed appropriate…

What do you think? Comments are always welcome!


3 comments on “God is like a Woman…

  1. Sarwat AJ says:

    So explained . . . .

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