Always Open

There is a Convent just a mile or so from my home. It sits along one of my bike riding routes, a beautifully peaceful place where I like to sit for a few minutes, catch my breath, and chug some water, all while looking at a statue of the Mother Mary.

The gate is always open.


Earlier in the day, before I arrived at the Convent, a surprise awaited me during a visit to the Allentown Public Library.

I was returning books, walking up the steps towards the entrance, when from behind I heard rapid footsteps passing to my left.  Briefly I caught a glimpse of what looked like the back of a boy, maybe twelve years old. I assumed he was in a hurry to beat me to the door.

Which he was, but for a very different reason than I thought. He did want to get ahead of me, but not to get in first. He wanted to open the door for me.

When I reached the entrance there he stood with a big smile, his body holding the door widely open for me to walk through.

“Ma’m, I ran around you so I could hold the door open for you.”

Wow! The result was immediate. A lovely warm feeling spread through my chest. I smiled back, feeling for a moment slightly overwhelmed  by this unexpected moment of grace given to me by a boy. I looked him in the eye as I walked past him and over the first threshold.

“Thank you young man! That is so kind! You made my day!”

But he wasn’t finished melting my heart completely yet. There are two doors and before I knew it he beat me to the second one, opening it, again, with his trademark sweet smile. To which I replied, beaming,

“You are such a gentleman! Thank you sweetie!”

He went one way in the library and I another. But throughout the remainder of my day, especially when I went to the Convent later to snap these photos, I thought of him. I will always remember him.

And it reminded me that sometimes, in unexpected ways, God sends an angel to open a door for you. A boy angel. How delightful is that? I am smiling as I write this.



Speaking of boy angels…

A couple weeks ago I saw Josh Groban perform his song “Brave” on PBS. Loved it!
I have listened to his album “All That Echoes” countless times since. One of the female commentators on the show called Josh “dreamy”, not a typical word we use to describe people today, but it definitely fits both Josh and his voice.


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