A Beautiful New Opening- Being “Grammy”


Harper and Me

This photo (as well as the other photos of me on this blog) were taken by my daughter Amber Moralis. Please check out Amber’s photographic work on her site at http://adgphotography.info/

She is an amazing photographer!

On my home blog, http://www.danesejoan.blogspot.com, I recently shared the story of being part of my granddaughter’s birth- a moment of pure delight! Watching her grow has overwhelmed my heart with joy.

It was just what I needed. Something had become out of balance in my life the past few years. It wasn’t intentional, actually part of it was necessary, but now that it is time to move on I find myself reluctantly wanting to remain there.

I have a confession to make. I think I have become strangely addicted to pain and suffering. I carried that blanket within for so long that I find I feel cold without it, and even afraid.

It was the poem I posted by Lee Maracle, the last lines of it, that have resonated deeply the past few days as I have tried to put this post together. “Let my life be filled with joy and only punctuated by pain.”

Unfortunately I think it has been the other way around.

Writing is a good way to exorcise pain, one I desperately needed to clean out and heal the pain, guilt, and shame I had hidden away inside me. Without this tool in my life I would have gone insane. Nothing wrong, either, with reading the remarkable stories of people who have triumphed over their own pain and oppression, like Lee Maracle, to find peace, as well as create an opening of peace and hope for others. I will continue to share those stories here in the future.

However, a steady diet of reading and writing about suffering is not good. Balance is important. For the same reason I wouldn’t choose to read horror stories if I had a problem with fear, I now see I must vary my reading  to include books that aren’t always so gut-wrenching and heart-rending.

Especially now when there are other layers of stress and uncertainty in my life, things beyond my control.

That’s why I am so thankful for Harper.

I have been visiting the blogs of other people recently and love what I am discovering. There are so many wonderful human beings out there in this world, and I have been encouraged and uplifted by what I have read. Take a look at those I am following now, listed on the sidebar.

Do you have any recommendations for some lighthearted reading for me? Please leave me a comment with any suggestions!

Ending this post with a couple of photos I snapped of Miss Harper… and the hope you will find the openings of joy in your life in the week ahead.

Harper and her BFF Samantha

Harper and her BFF Samantha



4 comments on “A Beautiful New Opening- Being “Grammy”

  1. jamie hooper says:

    truly a beautiful thing!!

  2. Kristin says:


    All of these sound wonderful. I’ve read a few of them, but I thought you would enjoy these. I can’t believe Harper is so big already! xoxoxo

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