An Announcement

DSC_7623After years of preparation, weeks of pondering, and many revisions, I am happy to introduce you to my new blog!

It’s not perfect, but it is a place to start. That’s the thing, isn’t it? So often we wait and we wait and we wait because, well, because, it has to be “just right.” Been there and done that. Especially with this project.

So I set a deadline…. August 1st. Post no matter what. And simply go from there.

The first step is always the hardest.

I have been blogging for a number of years (since 2007) – sharing “my evolving life story” which, at times, included big chunks of my soul. Hard, but just what I needed. I will continue to blog there (you can find the link for my blogspot blog on the right in the sidebar) occasionally, and I will sometimes refer to previous posts when they pertain to a topic I am addressing here.

But mostly, this will be….. New. Different. Bold. Challenging. Encouraging. And… hopefully… Inspiring.

My goal is to post here twice each week- Mondays and Thursdays. To view my first official thought provoking post come back on Monday, August 5th. In the mean time I hope you will check out my other pages. Get to know me and a little about my vision for this place.

And if I can pray for you, or encourage you personally, or if you have a personal story of an opening you want to share with me…. send it!  Maybe I will post it here in the future (only with your permission, of course). There is a feedback form at the bottom of the welcome page.

Thank you for joining me!


2 comments on “An Announcement

  1. Sally Cox says:

    I am guess you are Terry’s wife, Congratulations! My name is Sally Johns Cox and I went to school with Terry and I say congrats because I knew you are blessed having him in your life!! He always was the sweetest guy, so Im sure he’s a wonderful husband and father! I love discussions about religion and I’ve been involved in many!! Even way back in high school I always felt as though I have ” defended” God in some of these conversations, but I was blessed to grow up with a mother, grandmother and grandfather among many relatives who were deeply passionate about God and how He has always been such a huge part of our lives. of course it wasn’t until I was an adult about to marry that I truly realized that He is not a part of my life but the whole of my life. Without Him I would be nothing and I am so richly blessed with my earthly family, especially my in-law family that I am so so blessed with! I have a great guy for a husband Monty of 28 years (but been together 34 years) three unbelievable adult kids, Kaley, 27, Tyler 25 and Carly 23 and the most amazing 6 month old grandson Jase Brooks Johnson!! God is so good! I only thought I was meant to be a mommy, but wow, being a MeMaw is the absolute BEST!
    Anyway, I look forward to your blogs, I’ll be honest, I only get online a couple of times a week, so if I don’t write more frequently, it’s only because I’m with people instead of my iPad!! I enjoy both!! I’m a School Secretary at an elementary school and starts next week, so will be super busy for next month, but I had the opportunity to write tonight and I really wanted you to know that I am looking forward to this great discussion with you & others! Please tell Terry I said Hello and I hope to see him & meet your family one day!! My best wishes to you & your blog! I think you are so brave to tackle this!!

    • Sally,
      It is so nice to meet you via my blog! Thank you for visiting and commenting. Don’t know if I’d say I am brave, but this is a subject I am passionate about. Sounds the same for you.
      What a lovely family you have! I too have recently become a grandma (my grandbaby Harper is 5 weeks old!) and it is so much fun! Maybe we can exchange photos!
      What you mentioned, being brought up by family that also loved God, I hope to reflect on in a future post. As Cynthia said in her comment above, her son Isaiah asks a viable question… About how our surroundings, especially as children, influence our spiritual outlook.
      Please return and share your thoughts when you have the time. Blessings to you and your family! And if we get to Florida in the future, it would be wonderful to meet you!

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